Review: COSRX Low-pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

CosRx Low pH gel collage

Discovering this product made me a huge fan of COSRX!  It immediately replaced by beloved CeraVe cleanser.  I’ve been using this product consistently for a year now, and it never disappoints!  Gentle on skin, cleanses without a trace, and best of all, the right pH to keep your skin healthy.  Oh, and guess what?  It’s great for all times of the day – not just the morning!

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Review: Mizon Original Skin Energy Ampoules: Peptide, Placenta, and Collagen, Oh My!

Mizon skin energy ampoules

When did getting older ever become a bad thing?  I remember (like it was yesterday!) being a frustrated teenager and counting down the years until I was 18 and officially became an adult.  Even in my 20s, I looked forward to my birthday every year.  Every year was a step towards my education or career goals.  Every year provided more knowledge, more experiences, more adventures, more confidence, and more security!

But now I am officially getting older, and it is not such a good thing anymore.  Somehow time has crept up, and I suddenly woke up to find myself in my mid-30s, although I still feel like I’m 25, and often get mistaken for it.  I take pride in looking like I’m still in my 20s, and goddamn it, I will maintain it as long as humanly possible!  (Without looking like a plastic freak with a pulled-apart face like overstretched mozzarella – you know what I’m talking about.)

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Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin: What it is and Why it’s Important to Know the Difference!

I always thought that my skin type was “oily.”  Even dermatologists that I consulted with confirmed that my skin type was oily.  But little changes in my skin that I noticed over the years made me realize that my skin type wasn’t in fact oily at all, I was in fact suffering from a condition of extremely dehydrated skin!  And treating my skin type as oily and using products intended for oily skin was the absolutely worse thing I could do, result in skin become more and more oily over time…


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Happy New Year!!


So much has happened this past year, both in my career and personal life, that I couldn’t really concentrate on this blog.  I do feel awful for neglecting it!  But with the new year, I feel that it’s time again for me to start writing again about what I love…

While I’ve been away, I’m so shocked to see that this little blog has gotten way more attention than I could have expected! Since March, I’ve averaged around 7,000 views every month, more than 70,000 for the year of 2015. I almost could not believe it when I saw my stats!  I originally started my blog hoping for only a few readers every month.

Thank you to everyone for reading my posts!  I hope my reviews and skincare info are helpful, and that my other posts are interesting.  Please keep giving me feedback and send me your questions.

Happy New Year!! May 2016 bring many joys to you and yours!

With much Aloha,

Kabuki Girl