About Me


This blog is based on both my personal history and my ongoing discoveries in Asian beauty products and skincare.
Originally from Hawaii, my family is mostly Japanese and Irish, so I grew up very close to my Japanese heritage.  Being from the melting pot that is Hawaii, however, I grew up heavily influenced and inspired by other Asian cultures as well.
My background is what led me to discover Asian beauty products and skincare for myself a few years ago.  And after the transformation that I saw in my skin, I decided to try to help others to discover the beauty products and skin care philosophy that truly sets Asia apart.
For almost 20 years, I’ve battled with my skin, and nothing I did ever seemed to make it better.  I’ve been dealing with hormonal acne and incredibly oily skin since about 14. Although the acne would temporarily lessen in severity depending on different products/medications I went on (and trust me, I’ve done it all), in return I would get more and more sensitive skin.

And finally by my early 30s, I had come to a crisis point.  My skin was more sensitive than ever, and I was plagued with enlarged pores and hormonal cystic acne.  I knew an overhaul was due, but I didn’t quite know where to start…

And then I came across an article on Korean skincare, and it immediately sparked my interest.  Growing up, I remember that Korean women had the most amazingly beautiful, ethereal skin.  This article opened my eyes to the philosophy of Asian skin care, and since then I’ve been on my own long quest of discovery.  In return, I’m now blessed with the best skin I’ve ever had in my life.

I am not a dermatologist.  No, I’m also not an esthetician and never formerly took classes.  In my lifetime, I’ve seen dozens of so-called experts, who all gave me their opinions on my skin, and left me confused, anxious, and frustrated.  Over 20 years of misinformation from dermatologists, I realized that no one could know my skin better than I did.  I decided to just learn to be an expert on my own skin.

As I began to do my research and experiment, I learned to really pay attention to the way my skin felt and looked.  I learned quickly what ingredients to avoid, and how to truly nurture my skin.  I gravitated towards high quality products that promoted the overall health of my skin.



With this new common-sense approach to my skin, I noticed results in the first month.  Two years later, and I’m at the point where my skin is happy and balanced.  I used to get two or three new cystic acne every week.  My skin was also incredibly oily, sore, and raw from being overly sensitive to harsh chemicals.  Now I maybe get one zit every three months and my skin is resilient and calm.  The true test, however, is now I feel confident enough not to wear foundation or makeup on my skin.



It’s not a miracle, and it’s not that hard!  All it takes for truly healthy skin is some effort, research, and TLC.  Follow the Asian skincare philosophy and nurture your skin as a whole, not just attack the problems when they occur.  This change in attitude to my skin completely transformed it.
In my blog, I have outlined everything that I did to transform my skin.  I know that I’m not the only one out there who’s sick of dealing with oily skin, acne, and increasing sensitivity of the skin.  I hope this blog and the result of my research and experimentation helps you too!
With aloha,
xo Kabuki Girl xo