Happy New Year!!


So much has happened this past year, both in my career and personal life, that I couldn’t really concentrate on this blog.  I do feel awful for neglecting it!  But with the new year, I feel that it’s time again for me to start writing again about what I love…

While I’ve been away, I’m so shocked to see that this little blog has gotten way more attention than I could have expected! Since March, I’ve averaged around 7,000 views every month, more than 70,000 for the year of 2015. I almost could not believe it when I saw my stats!  I originally started my blog hoping for only a few readers every month.

Thank you to everyone for reading my posts!  I hope my reviews and skincare info are helpful, and that my other posts are interesting.  Please keep giving me feedback and send me your questions.

Happy New Year!! May 2016 bring many joys to you and yours!

With much Aloha,

Kabuki Girl

Traditional Japanese Street Fashion

Harajuku traditional japanese street fashion

I miss Harajuku fashion!  It was always so fun walking around and looking at all the amazing outfits the young men and women had put together.  My favorite has always been when they incorporate traditional Japanese clothes or accessories.  Love this girl’s outfit!  So quirky traditional yet modern street fashion at the same time.