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Since discovering Korean skin care, I’ve quickly fallen in love with their products.  Never before have I used products that were so mild for my sensitive skin, effective for my acne, with such quality ingredients.  Korean skin care is light years ahead of anywhere else, and the current hype about them is completely justified!  There aren’t that many detailed reviews on Korean skin care products written in English, so hopefully my reviews can help.

The following reviews are completely my own, and all the products have been bought by me.  Not all of them are Korean, but the majority are.  Some of them are cult favorites, and some of them are relatively obscure (at least in the English-speaking internet world). Some of the products I’ve selected completely on a whim because I was curious about them, or wanted to try an ingredient, and others I researched extensively before buying.  I try to test a product at least 4 weeks to see how it does with my skin, but sometimes I don’t wait as long.  A few products I’ve seen dramatic results in just a couple weeks, and other products I hate so much that I couldn’t use for more than a week.

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