I’m back!

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.  Use it.”

monarch butterfly

For months, I’ve been wanting to write my posts again.  I definitely have not stopped experimenting with products and thinking of new subjects to write about.  But I just haven’t found the time until recently.

I know that “I’m busy” is a terrible excuse, but it really is true!  I believe that living in five different states within the last year for my new career is a legitimate reason to be too busy to focus on my blog.

During all this time, however, I have kept up with my skin care regime with amazing results.  My skin is more healthy and resilient than ever before.  I am 35 now, and I can say in all honesty this is the best skin I’ve had since I was a child!  Even in the heat and humidity of the Southern states, my skin has held up really well.  I have changed my regime in some ways, and changed a few of my products.  I will definitely be writing about that, and I have many new products to formally review.  So stay tuned!

Thank you to all who have been reading my blog.  Without me even doing anything, I’m up to around 12,000 readers every month.  That is so incredible to me!

With aloha,

xo Kabuki Girl xo

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